Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Acorn Public Library has A DDR Night written by Alexandra Dean

“Hands-on fun for the kids is great! The fact it’s available for everyone is even better!” said Jody Dorencz on Tuesday night, July 7th, while Acorn Public Library hosted its first “Dance Dance Revolution” night. DDR is a game of foot-eye coordination in which players must get as many dance steps correct as possible. Hosted by Jen Van Sickle, the Head of Youth Services, the dance gaming program was open to children and teens ages 10 and above, regardless of skill level and free of charge.
Jaquie Johnson, one of the parents, commented “It’s really great, because the kids can have fun while also being in a safe environment.” When asked what her son, Tyler Johnson, though of the entertainment, he enthusiastically exclaimed “Food + DDR equals great!”
There are many great activities the library is currently getting started, DDR night being just one. On Monday, July 21 at 7 PM the library will be having a night of “Guitar Hero”, a game that tests hand-eye coordination on a guitar-shaped controller, and the library hopes to see more children and teens attending these new events.

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