Monday, May 9, 2011

Three Quarters Dead by Richard Peck

Kerry is an invisible sophomore at an extremely prestigious public school on the East Coast. One day, miraculously, three of the most popular girls in school notice her, and ask her to sit with them at lunch. This begins a friendship that oftentimes leaves Kerry feeling somewhat awkward, but awed by her perfect and popular new friends. One day, the unthinkable happens and the three girls are killed in a car accident. Kerry is left feeling alone and misunderstood, until a few months later, she gets a text from her deceased friends telling her to meet them at her aunt's apartment in New York City. Kerry goes to meet them...
This is a great book for anyone who loves to read books about the supernatural, ghosts or even mysteries. It's a quick, scary read, by the extremely well-known and often-honored, Richard Peck. I am more familiar with Peck's historical and oftentimes hilarious novels intended for a younger audience, but this was a good departure.
Gr. 6-10

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