Thursday, October 20, 2011

Haunting Halloween Reads

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays in Youth Services! What is more fun than dressing up, carving pumpkins, and of course, trick-or-treating? Get into the spirit with some of the following books. All are available either at the library or by interlibrary loan.

Picture Books:
Halloween Hunt: A Spot-It Challenge EASY SCHUETTE
Can you spot all the Halloween items on each page? Perfect for those who love I Spy books!

AlphaOops! H is for Halloween EASY KONTIS
While putting on a Halloween pageant, the alphabet mixes things up with some funny and spooky results!

13 Ghosts of Halloween EASY MULLER
Ten children, two dogs, and a cat enter a haunted fun house. On their journey throughout the house, they encounter witches, goblins, bats and lots of fun!

The Three Bears' Halloween EASY DUVAL
Is it a real witch or a trick-or-treater by the spooky house when the bears go trick-or-treating?

Cinderhazel: The Cinderella of Halloween EASY LATTIMORE
An untidy witch discovers Prince Alarming likes dirt just as much as she does!

The Picky Little Witch EASY BROKAMP
Mama Witch tries to get her daughter to eat some Halloween soup before going out trick-or-treating, but Picky Little Witch finds many reasons to refuse. Includes a recipe for soup!

A fun Halloween lift-the-flap book.

The Hungry Ghosts EASY LESTER
A helpful boy tries for find something to eat for three ghosts.

Chapter Books:
The Ghost's Grave J FIC KEHRET
Josh soon finds an adventure when he meets the ghost of a coal miner while spending the summer with his Aunt in Washington State.

Lily's Ghosts J FIC RUBY
Strange happenings at her great-uncle's summer home draw Lily and a new friend into a mystery involving lost treasure, a fake medium, and ghosts of all sizes, shapes, and dispositions.

Ghosts Beneath Our Feet J FIC WRIGHT
During a summer in an abandoned mining town, Katie's relationship with a rebellious stepbrother improves as they probe the past to find out why there seem to be ghosts, literally, beneath their feet.

Mrs. Jeepers' Scariest Halloween Ever J PB DADEY
A Good Night for Ghosts J SERIES MAGIC

Want to learn more about Halloween? Or maybe you need help with your costume? Check out some interesting and spooky nonfiction titles!

Ghosts and Other Spectors J 133.1 WES
A World Full of Ghosts J 133.1 COT
Do You Believe in Ghosts J 133.1 SUT
Ghosts and Goosebumps: Poems to Chill Your Bones J 811 GHO
Witches, Pumpkins and Grinning Ghosts: The Story of Halloween Symbols
J 394.2683 BAR
Paper Crafts for Halloween J 745.594 MCG
Halloween Propmaker's Book YA 394.2646 PIT
The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits YA 133.1 GUI

Maybe not about Halloween per se, but still pretty eerie and fun!

Young Adult Titles:
After dying, Charlotte ends up at a sort of alternative high school for dead teens. If you like this one, there are two more books in the series!

Tempted: An It Girl Novel
Beginning with Waverly Academy's Halloween Ball, Jenny watches her own popularity soar, while Tinsely's plummets.

All Hallow's Eve: 13 Stories YA FIC VANDE VELDE
Thirteen Halloween horror stories, including ghosts, vampires and pranks gone awry.

Anya's Ghost
Anya, embarrassed by her immigrant family has given up on trying to fit in at school, falls down a well and meets a ghost who wants to be her BFF.

Ghost and the Goth YA FIC KADE
After being hit by a bus and killed, a homecoming queen gets stuck in the land of the living with only a loser classmate to help her.

Acorn has many more titles than the short list above! Please call or stop in the library and ask a librarian to find more titles.

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