Thursday, December 13, 2012

Book Recommendations from Youth Services

 What better way for children to learn about inappropriate behavior and positive behavior but to see dinosaurs acting poorly and also acting well?  I love Jane Yolen & Mark Teague's newest book which is wonderful for Christmas called How Do Dinosaurs say Merry Christmas?  The book is full of various dinosaurs (with their names listed somewhere on the page) causing havoc.  Kids can laugh at it, but hopefully that provides a teachable moment too for parents.  The last few pages are devoted to the well-mannered dinosaurs modeling kind, helpful behavior. 

 Christmas Parade by Sandra Boynton is a delightful book to read to young children with bright colorful pictures of various animals with their instruments in a Christmas parade.  It would be fun to make the musical sounds and motions of drums and trombones along with your child or make your own "Joy! Joy! Joy!" banner like the piggies. 

 Merry Christmas! 
-submitted with joy by Janice

Bluford High series is set in an inner-city high school in Los Angeles. Books are written to draw in reluctant readers in grades 6-10. Both male and female characters are featured and cover many topics that teens today are dealing with in their lives on a daily basis. The books are relatively short at about 200 pages and include elements from many literary genres. This series offers something that almost every reader can relate to and appeals to readers of all ages.

-submitted by Becky

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